Top 10 FAQs

To Which Countries can I Send Money with uLink?

We have a great coverage in all Mexico, Central America and Caribbeans, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. You can click here to see the full listing of our destinations.

How Much Money Can I Send with uLink?

As a Basic Customer you can send up to $999 daily, as a Silver customer you can send up to $1999 daily, as a Gold Customer you can send up to $2,999 and as a Platinum customer you can send up to $3,999 daily. Please contact Customer Service if you would like to check your eligibility for a level increase.

Is it Required to Sign Up to Send Money with uLink?

Yes, signing up will allow you to have more control of your transactions to make the process faster. uLink allows you to save your information, add beneficiaries and payment methods without having to enter all the information every time you make a transaction. All the information saved in your profile is always safe and protected.

How Much Time Does it Take to Complete a Transaction with uLink?

uLink will use its best efforts to ensure the timely processing of Transactions. However, to a great degree, the Service depends on factors outside our control that might delay a Transaction. Such factors may include: Additional information required by uLink or recipient bank or financial institution for your security, verification of your bank account, paying network processing hours, branch location hours /delivery hours, holidays, errors in recipient details, among others.

How Can I Cancel a Transaction?

You can cancel a transaction any time before it is paid to your beneficiary and without any fee. You can cancel a transaction directly from the “Transaction History” section or by clicking on the cancel icon shown in the recent transactions table of your dashboard. You can only cancel a transaction if it is in PAYABLE status and if it was done the same day of the cancellation; otherwise you will need to contact Customer Service to request the cancellation.

How Will My Beneficiary Receive the Money?

There are three ways: in cash, through our paying agents or home delivery (available in certain cases); and credit to your beneficiary’s bank account. Click here to search for a paying agent that adjusts to your needs

How Much does uLink Charge to Send Money Online?

Our fees vary depending on the destination country, the amount being sent, and the payment method being used. Fees start as low as $2.99 for Bank account transfers and $3.99 for Credit or Debit card transfers.

What are uLink's Reception Methods to Send Money?

You can send money using your Bank account or you can also send money via Credit or Debit Card.

How Will I Know When My Beneficiary Receives the Money?

Log in into your uLink account to check the status of your transaction and click on Send Money > Transactions. Also, when adding your beneficiary, you have the option to send and SMS to your beneficiary to notify him when the money is available for collection.

How Can I be Sure that My Financial Information and My Personal Data are Safe?

At uLink we are committed to process your transaction securely and keep your personal and financial information safe. We use encryption system and we also use security measures such as Identification Code that help protect your information. Our system is also monitored and verified by Verisign.

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