5 Great Side Hustles for Immigrants

By July 23, 2021 April 12th, 2023 uLink Blog
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The gig economy is here to stay. 

According to recent studies, thirty-six percent of Americans have side hustles of some kind. Some move from gig to gig, freelancing on their own schedule, while others work traditional 9 to 5 jobs plus a part-time job to make extra cash. 

Whichever path you choose, the gig economy provides an unbeatable blend of both freedom and earnings potential. According to Gallup, “The gig economy is a trend toward worker empowerment and entrepreneurship.” 

We couldn’t agree more. A side hustle can be an empowering financial boost for anyone, immigrant or otherwise. Check out these five great side hustles to get started!

1. Use Freelance Sites

Before we get into the specific gig you might consider, we wanted to recommend the best freelance websites to search for jobs on your own. 

These platforms aggregate all the available jobs and allow you to select and apply for the ones you really want. If you have a knack for graphic design, website services, programming, writing, or translation, these websites will be ideal for you.

  • Freelancer: Yes, the actual name of this freelancing company is Freelancer. Here’s how it works: you browse all the job postings, click on the gigs you like, then bid on them. These jobs are auctioned, they don’t pay quite as much as other companies. But it’s a great place to get your side hustle started.
  • Fiverr: While Freelancer involves bidding, Fiverr lets you set up your price-point however you choose. Buyers can hire you for a gig, and the more gigs you sell, the faster your “seller rating” will climb. 
  • Upwork: Offering a blend of Freelancer and Fiverr, Upwork lets you bid for jobs and get hired by clients and recruiters. It also provides a wealth of articles and thought leadership to help new freelancers grow their careers. 

If you have talents in the digital world, each of these platforms can help you pad your income and your résumé all at once.

2. Car-Centered Side Hustles

If you have a car, you can monetize it in multiple exciting ways.

For starters, you can sign up to drive for a rideshare company like Lyft or Uber. As of 2020, Lyft drivers averaged $377/month, while Uber drivers averaged $364. 

If driving people around town isn’t your thing, you could also consider working for a delivery service like DoorDash. According to Zip Recruiter, the average hourly wage for DoorDash drivers is about $20. 

Or, instead of being a part-time driver, you can also rent out your car and make passive income. With the Get Around app, you can “share” your car and get paid without lifting a finger. 

Concerned about accidents and damage to your vehicle? Get Around includes free insurance and 24/7 customer support to protect against unexpected costs. 

To explore these options, click below:

  Walk Dogs (Or Pet Sit)

Love pets and have extra flexibility? Dog walking could be a great way to get some exercise, hang out with great animals, and make some cash on the side.

Here are two of the top-rated apps on the market:

  • Wag! When you walk dogs with Wag!, you can set your own schedule — so you can grab last minute walks or plan them out days (and even weeks) in advance. Wag! features a strong community of dog-walkers with over 150,000 pet caregivers that sit, walk, board, and train pets from all 50 states.

    As for the company’s pay structure, Nerd Wallet states the average half-hour walk is about $12 (plus tip), while base pay for pet sitting and boarding runs about $26 per night. Click here to learn more and sign up!
  • Rover: In addition to offering dog walking, grooming, and “Doggy Day Care” services, Rover lets you care for dogs and cats overnight in your own home. According to the service, you can earn twice as much money on overnight stays.

    And what do contractors make? Rover claims dog-walkers can make up to $1,000 per month. Click here to learn more!

4. Become a Tutor

The demand for quality teachers and tutors will never go out of style.

You can make excellent money helping kids of all ages master their most challenging subjects. If you specialize in math and computer science, check out Juni Learning. Wages start at $20 per hour, and as a part-time employee, Juni Learning pays your Social Security and Medicare taxes on your behalf. 

Or, if your teaching strengths lie in the arts, give LessonFace a try. Subjects range from piano and guitar to singing lessons, public speaking tutoring, new language learning, acting classes, and more. You’ll be able to set your own rates and maintain the schedule that works best for you!

If you want to cast a wider net, check out Wize and Wyzant. Both companies provide a wide range of subjects, flexible hours, and great rates. 

5. Complete (Random) Tasks 

Are you good at doing tasks like building furniture, moving heavy objects, or mounting a TV?

If so, then look into TaskRabbit. All you have to do is make a profile, log in, and select individual jobs that you want to do. 

As the website advertises, you can “Move Boxes via Truck” and earn $67- $151. Or, you can “Lift Furniture Upstairs” and get paid between $59-$82.

For some, these tasks are difficult, or simply not possible alone. As a “tasker” for Taskrabbit, you can set your own schedule, get paid, and make your client’s lives easier.

Click here to learn more about working with TaskRabbit.  

Getting Started

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