6 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day Overseas

By May 8, 2020 April 12th, 2023 uLink Blog
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Every year, the world community slows down to cherish the mothers who raised us and love us. Mother’s Day is an internationally recognized celebration powered by one simple goal: to make mothers feel special by showering them with our gifts, love, and time.

While the majority of countries (including the United States) hold Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, other nations do so throughout the calendar year.

With COVID-19 affecting countries across the world, most families must learn how to celebrate Mother’s Day virtually. Whether your family lives overseas or down the street, we’re all relying on Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to come face-to-face with our loved ones.

This year, however, it’s time to go a step further with celebrating Mother’s Day. While nothing can replace being in person, there’s a great opportunity to get creative and make this a day your mother will always remember.

Here are six exciting ways to celebrate:

1) Create a Video Tribute

Flowers are great and chocolate is decadent, but they don’t last very long. The good news is, videos do. If you can set aside an hour or two to tap into your inner movie director, you’ll make your mom happier than ever. You can use an editing app on your phone, computer, or even Biteable—an entirely free online video editing website!

Take a moment to go through your photo albums and edit them alongside a playlist of your mom’s favorite songs. If you have video clips with your mom and family, that’s even better! Make your mom the star of a movie celebrating her life, and you’ll be guaranteed to warm her heart.

2) Gift Her a Subscription

Mother’s Day may only last 24 hours, but if we’re being honest, we should keep celebrating our moms all year long! Subscriptions are the best way to continually remind your mother how much she is loved.

What does your mom enjoy most? Does she like to read certain publications or magazines? Does she frequently use stationary to write and send cards? From coffee subscriptions to boxes of beauty products, workout clothes, and more, you can send your mom the perfect monthly subscription service and give her the gift that keeps on giving.

3) Watch Your Favorite TV Show or Movie Together

Nothing brings families together like your favorite films and TV shows. Though you may not be able to share the same couch and bowl of popcorn, you can still take your mom to the movies by using “Netflix Party:” a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch your favorite shows with your family and even chat about it at the same time.

Learn how you can easily set up Netflix Party here. Enjoy the show!

4) Write a Poem

There’s a writer in each of us. When we were children, we wrote our mothers cards and poems without thinking twice about it. There’s no better time to call on our inner poet than right now. Whether you send it as a text message, email, or on the back of a postcard, enchant your mother with a poem praising her most amazing qualities, funniest memories from your childhood, or whatever you think will please her.

One thing’s for sure: she’ll cherish your poem forever.

5) Promise Future Plans

We all need something to look forward to, even if it’s in the far-off future. During this time of international quarantine, it’s essential to maintain hope that life will eventually return to normal.

No matter what gifts you may send home this Mother’s Day, nothing will be as precious to her as the confidence that she will see you again in the near future. Tell her that when you visit home, you’ll go to all of your favorite places together, eat your favorite foods, and enjoy each other’s company more than ever before.

6) Send a Local Gift

Mothers take pride in seeing their children succeed. The excitement you show about where you live, what you’re pursuing, and what you hope to achieve will always be shared by your proud mother.

Whether it’s a little keepsake from your new city or a memento you saved from home, send your mother something special to help her feel like she’s close to you in your new chapter of life.

Ultimately, nothing bridges distance and separation like thoughtfulness. Let your mother know how much you love and miss her, and you’ll bring joy to her that fills her Mother’s Day and beyond.

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