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A Redesigned Money Transfer Experience, Brought to You by UniTeller.

“At UniTeller, we care about your experience, which is why we’re bringing you a simpler, friendlier, and faster interface to better meet your needs.”

We’ve made some important changes…

A Redesigned Interface For Online Money Transfers.

uLink lets you find everything you need to send money to your loved ones all in one place.




A Platform That Adapts To Your Needs.

Conveniently access the uLink platform no matter where you are from any desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

A Redesigned Mobile App.

We’ve redesigned our app to improve your experience, with newly added functionality like add/edit beneficiaries and add/edit sending methods, for flexible and convenient mobile money transfers. 


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A Simpler Menu.

We’ve grouped information into helpful categories so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Send Money To…

We’ve added a new menu for quick access to information that’s specifically related to the country you’d like to send money to.

locationA More Extensive Payment Network.

New payers and countries have been added to our existing Paying Network to provide you a wider range of options where your beneficiary can collect your money transfers.

A Simpler, More Dynamic Money Transfer Process.

Our improved process for sending money is configured to guide you through each step of your transfer. We’ve also incorporated a dynamic summary table that is updated as you enter your transaction details.

Currency Calculation Made Easy.

With our reverse currency calculator, simply enter the amount in dollars or in the foreign currency of your choice to see how much money your beneficiary will receive or how much you will need to send.

A More Personalized Experience.

Your customized dashboard will provide you with all the information you need to meet your daily needs.
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